Scripture App Builder

One of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my 20+ years with Wycliffe is a program called Scripture App Builder.

It's not the most catchy name, nor is the shortened version"SAB". But what it does and the possibilities it opens up are nothing short of amazing.

SAB allows our brothers and sisters who live at "the ends of the earth" to quickly and easily create apps in their mother tongue. If they have the file with the Scriptures translated in their language, they can produce an app of the New Testament in an hour or two that can then be installed on anyone's Android phone.

But that's not all! There's more! They can produce a hymnal/songbook app that plays the song and highlights the verse being sung, as it's being sung. Youth can contextualize (ie. put into their daily context) parables or Bible stories, record the audio, take photos, and generate an app that interprets the message and brings it into their daily lives. Health information can be turned into an app. Audio libraries of teachings and sermons can be turned into an app. This really is a game changer!

And I have the privilege of training my workmates in Latin America how to use it and how to train others how to use it!