The Last Minute of 2015

2015 is quickly coming to an end. It was a good year, with the usual unforeseen twists and turns in the road.

2015 Family Christmas photo

  • Marty traveled more than usual. 
  • Heather graduated from high school. 
  • Kara spent almost three months in Slovakia. 
  • Summer spent the summer in Alaska. 
  • Marty, Karen and Nathan rushed up to Memphis to help Marty's mom Nancy through a medical crisis.
  • Kara auditioned for MAYS (Orlando's youth orchestra) and became the first chair violist.
  • Heather started college at Cedarville University in Ohio.
  • Marty coordinated the surveying of over 21,000 Latin American youth to discover how to reach them with the Scriptures on their phones. 
  • Karen taught Musikgarten classes in Orlando and Saint Cloud. 
  • Nathan played soccer.
  • Summer made second chair flautist at Saint Cloud High School.
  • Marty learned how to build Scripture-based apps for Android phones and started teaching others how to do the same.

In all of this, we were just ordinary people. We got tired, we got grumpy, we cried, we laughed. And with extra helpings of God's grace, we are ending this year in awe of a great God who loves us beyond our comprehension.

And that's why we do what we do. We want everyone to know our God and be known by Him, right to the very core of their being. To be known and loved like that costs everything. But it's the best bargain in town!

May 2016 bring you opportunities to know God more deeply, and be known by Him.

Marty for the Lange family