Marty Lange

Grew up in Juneau, Alaska

Graduated from Biola University 1989 - BA in Communications with an emphasis on Radio and TV production

Marty serves as the team leader for America's Area Mobile Technology for Scripture Engagement, helping people understand how to engage people with the mother-tongue Scriptures on their cell phones.

He has been serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators since 1991 as an audio recordist and audiovisual media consultant, specializing in training nationals who are creating Scripture-based media in the minority languages. 

Karen Lange

Grew up in Juneau, Alaska

Graduated from Moody Bible Institute 1991 - BA in Sacred Music

In addition to helping Marty with Vernacular Media issues, Karen volunteers as the music teacher at the TEAM homeschool co-op and home-schools our son. She is a certified Musikgarten teacher.

We have four children: Heather, Kara, Summer and Nathan. 


A brief history:

While serving as a short-term missionary in Spain in 1984, Marty and a group of Spanish teenagers passed an evangelistic tent meeting. One of the kids commented "I'd never be caught dead in there! Let's go home and watch TV." This led Marty to believe that media would be a critical tool for reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The media would have to be culturally appropriate and Biblically accurate, speaking God's incomparable truth directly to the heart of the listeners.

The Langes are now serving at the Wycliffe headquarters in Orlando, Florida with the Summer Institute of Linguistics. They serve as the Vernacular Media Consultants. They train Latin American indigenous Christians how produce media in minority languages. The media may be anything from audio dramas and radio programs to videos and smartphone apps. These media introduce non-readers to the Scriptures in their own language and provide "heart access" to those who will never learn to read.

The main focus of their work is training and equipping Latin American Christians to produce their own Scripture-based media and to train them to train others to do the same. Strategizing how to distribute these materials is another element of their work, helping people understand how their end users will interact with the content and how to successfully distribute their programs.